What actions do you take to help stop the spread of HIV? Why did you get involved? What else could you do?

A recent 3 year study demonstrates that suppressing HIV viral load with treatment effectively prevents transmission of the virus.

PrEP, (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) a daily pill and effective tool that can block HIV and prevent infection for HIV negative people, is available by prescription.

New testing technologies like the at-home HIV test and the one-minute rapid HIV test make testing faster and easier than ever.


In Seattle, more people than ever know their status, most people with HIV are on treatment, and HIV transmission rates are going down. We now know that HIV meds can prevent infections. Making sure HIV positive people get treatment, and people who want PrEP can get it, can stop the spread of HIV. Healthcare reform, and greater access to healthcare, means that many more people can access a wider array of treatment and prevention options. This is a moment where we can all make a difference and take steps to further reduce the impact of HIV.



  • Get tested if you don’t know your status. Reduce your risk by developing consistent safer sex habits with your partners.

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  • If you are negative, talk to your doctor about risk factors, and ask whether PrEP is a good option for you.

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  • If you are positive, talk to your doctor about what your best treatment options are.

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  • Get insured if you’re not, and get a physician if you don’t have one.

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Share Your HIV Moment

What’s Yours?

Join with us as we share our HIV moments, and see how your actions are a part of the greater community’s response to HIV. By sharing your HIV moments, you can help others take their first step towards reducing the impact of HIV.

What actions do you take to help stop the spread of HIV? Why did you get involved? What else could you do?

We’re taking all of our HIV moments and using them to create a giant photo mural. The mural is meant to symbolize and display what it looks like when we put all of our actions together, because every community action is made up of many, many, individual ones. That’s how every HIV moment together becomes our HIV moment. Share your HIV moments with us on your favorite social media site by using #myHIVmoment. (Don’t forget to add the #myHIVmoment hashtag so we can find your share!). Use a photo of yourself, along with a short description of your HIV moment. Once you’ve shared your moment we’ll add it to the mural. We may even use it in our ads, posts, and tweets!